Personal details:

Name: Otto Nordberg

Born March 16th, 1996


Nationality: Finnish

Career goal:

I want to finish my upper secondary school with good grades and do my military service after that. I would want to be a pilot, but it’s hard to get a job like that. I would want to be a pilot because I could travel around the world and get paid for that.


Espoon Yhteislyseon lukio upper secondary school, 2012-

Junior high school of Masala, 2010-2012

Primary school of Ressu, 2003-2010

Language skills:

Finnish: native language

English: brilliant

Swedish: good

Spanish: basics

Computer skills:

I can use word and powerpoint well. I’m also good at looking information from internet and I know how to use social media (facebook, twitter etc).

Work experience:

16/3/2011: K-Market Masala: One week work practice program. I put stuff to the shelfs and organized products to the places where they belonged.

5/6/2011: Taipatek OY: My summer job was to help my fathers friend redecorating our house for two weeks.

28/10/2011: Coffeehouse Kirkkonummi swimming hall: One week work practice program. I made some sandwiches and took care of the cash register.

3/2/2012: Re/Max Nummela: One week work practice program. I arranged some papers and made coffee for my boss.

5/6/2012: Mediapex OY Leppävaara: My summer job was to sell different kind of magazines.



I play football for about 4 times a week. I have played football since I was 4 years old. On my free time I usually hang out with my friends and listen to music.


My biggest achievement this far was when I scored a game winning penalty in the last minute few years ago at Helsinki Cup.